About Me

I’ve had a lifelong passion for creative pursuits, and dabbled in a variety of art forms over the years. The quote “I’ve never met a craft I didn’t like” basically defines my mindspace. The evidence of my play with everything from crochet and sewing to miniatures and woodworking is strewn about my creative space, which I’d rather be creating in than cleaning. My current obsession is mixed media, especially the “trash to treasure” kind, but I also love making handmade cards and mini albums. Playing with paper makes me very, very happy.

In addition to crafting all the things, I’m a voracious reader (devouring books like they’re cookies), freelance writer, former tattoo artist, plant mommy, cat lover and junk mail hoarder who has been known to raid friends’ recycling bins for “supplies”. I’m also blissfully married to a wonderful man who puts up with my crafty mess and messy crafts like the rockstar he is. I may also have been a bad influence on him, since he started painting with acrylics during the lockdown. Let me tell you, for someone who claims to not have a single creative bone in his body, he has made some incredible pieces!

I’ve met many people who say they aren’t creative, but I’ve found that encouraging them to just play with paint leads to surprising results (for them more than me). If you’re having fun rather than trying to create a masterpiece or comparing yourself to others, it unlocks your creative juices and makes the learning process far easier. I encourage you to give it a go, take an online class or sit down with a child playing with paper and crayons and let their complete disdain for “art rules” be your guide. I guarantee you will enjoy the experience.

If you’re someone who enjoys paper crafting and mixed media or think you might enjoy it, I invite you to check out my Youtube channel and blog. I’ve started posting video tutorials that include card making with scraps and using what you have rather than buying the latest supplies. Of course, I enjoy getting my hands on new stuff and trying it out, but I always try to share ideas or techniques that can be adapted to other products than what I use. I hope you’ll join me and become part of my crafty family!

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